Medium swing doors

for use with trolleys and forklifts / P-Flex-CNS

The door panels are made of transparent soft PVC 7mm thick. The PVC is temperature resistant from- 10 bis + 60°C.

It is „not flammable“ according to the U.S. MVSS 302. The fire behavior fulfills DIN 4102 and DIN 53 382 B2 “it does not burn or not glow anymore.“

Our soft PVC is free from DOP according to the REACH Regulation. It is UV-resistant, silicone and cadmium free.

The swing door hinges which are placed in the lateral parts of the gallow frames enable a swinging of the door by 2 x 90 °.

In the version P-Flex CNS are the profiles and the swing door hinges made of stainless steel Wst.1.4301. The fittings are already attached to the block frame.


Block frame:

  1. For mounting in masonry, the floor frame is made of a low-profile 80 x 8 mm.
  2. For mounting in a panel wall, we deliver the stick frame as a U profile, which only has to be attached to the panel wall at the mounting.

Swing door leaves from selectively:

    Glass clear soft PVC, 7 mm thick
  2. FRIGOPLAST “extremely cold-proof”
    Soft PVC, 7 mm thick, for permanent use
    at -35 ° C.
    Soft PVC, 7 mm thick, with mesh inlay
    With 1 mm thick strips inlay, view strips / window 60×80 cm.
    Colours: Blue, red, yellow, green, gray, black and white.

Type P-FLEX-CNS stainless steel

FRIGOFLEX - flexible swing doors made of soft PVC

Swing door - type P-Flex-CNS stainless steel
Swing door - type P-Flex-CNS stainless steel
Swing door - type P-Flex-CNS stainless steel

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Catalog FRIGOFLEX swing doors and strip curtains


A 16-page price catalog with swing doors and strip curtains. There are flexible swing doors made ​​of soft PVC and swing doors made ​​of solid plastic-polyethylene. Strip curtains mounted fixed or movable strip curtains.

PVC cuts of all sizes, qualities and colors.

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